La Jolla Lifestyle Photography | Alyssa


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berlynn lifestyle photography-0848I shoot often in La Jolla, and this particular occasion was a special treat since Alyssa brought her guitar to the session. Both of my parents were musicians and I have a passion for it (even if I can’t sing or play!) and getting to shoot and listen to music was a double dose of pleasure, not to mention Alyssa is completely fun and awesome to be around!

Balboa Engagement Photography | Stacey & Chris

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Balboa Park was the location of choice for Stacey and Chris, although Stacey mentioned to me it was Chris’s first time at Balboa. I had a chance to show them around and tell them some fun facts about the park while they shared their love story with me. Engaged and ready for the next chapter in their lives, congrats you two <3333

La Jolla Family Photography | La Jolla Shores

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Lindsey & Ryan came to San Diego to vacation with their beautiful family, and I suggested La Jolla Shores for their photo shoot bc I absolutely cannot get enough of that pier! It is stunning in person and translates so well in photo’s, the lighting on this particular day was really magical and completely added to the charm. Had a great time with this one!

La Jolla Lifestyle Photography | Parisa

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La Jolla is filled with little hidden gems (like this location) and they are absolutely stunning to photograph. Parisa introduced me to this particular spot, and I am so grateful. It may not work for everyone since it is situated in between some condo’s, but it certainly worked well for some individual lifestyle portrait photography. I love the balloons in this shoot, they add a very whimsical touch and I always love anything that looks as if it was dreamed up!

Balboa Park Wedding | John & Shanna

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The rose garden in Balboa Park is literally the perfect spot for a romantic wedding ceremony, Shanna & John were both stunning and you could feel the love between the two of them. It was a blissful day full of sunshine, good vibes, laughter and roses! John’s sister even shared a fact with me about Balboa Park that I was always unaware of: Balboa Park is actually larger than Central Park, who knew?! I was so excited John’s sister, Jacqui, asked me to be apart of their special day, many congratulations out to this special couple and their families!